Best of Florida Spotlight: The Floating Lotus Spa

Imagine stepping into a realm where each breath is a note of serenity, and every moment dances to
the rhythm of well-being—welcome to the Floating Lotus Spa. As they recently received a 2023 Best
of Florida Award, this sanctuary of tranquility is not just a testament to innovative healing, but a
melody composed by a community’s appreciation and the vibrant spirit of entrepreneurship.
Orchestrated by, these awards spotlight the local gems that elevate experiences
to an art form, creating joy and wellness.

Floating Lotus Spa’s journey is intertwined with threads of compassion and innovation, sparked by
the transformative BioMat. This FDA-approved Light Therapy System unfolded a world of healing
possibilities for various health conditions, inspiring the creation of a space dedicated to wellness
and rejuvenation.

“I spent 27 years as a counselor, navigating the complexities of people’s emotional and health
issues. Witnessing the significant shifts the BioMat induced, it became my mission to extend this
therapy to the broader community,” the owner, Victoria Golden recounts, her voice imbued with
passion and dedication.

Ensuring every visitor immerses in the therapeutic benefits, each treatment table at the Floating
Lotus Spa is equipped with a BioMat, offering a harmonious blend of pain reduction and anti-aging
properties. Yet, the innovation doesn’t end there; the spa is home to an array of unique treatments.

The Lotus Signature Facial utilizes an Ultrasonic and Negative Ion System to reveal smooth, lustrous
skin, while the Signal Pro Facial employs silkworm proteins and vital nutrients to refresh the
complexion and invigorate the skin, creating a natural face lift! For those seeking a full-body
experience, the Himalayan Salt Body Glow with Sauna combines a relaxation massage with a
nourishing salt blend application and tranquil sauna time, promoting deep, holistic rejuvenation.

The ambiance is a delicate balance between therapeutic healing and pampering luxury, a testament
to the dedicated and caring staff who are the cornerstone of this sanctuary. Awarded this
prestigious title through the voices and votes of satisfied clients, Floating Lotus Spa stands as a
beacon of community and wellness. It’s a place where every treatment, whether a signature facial,
therapeutic massage, acupuncture, or a full-body indulgence, is a step towards holistic well-being
and cellular rejuvenation.

Beyond the doors of Floating Lotus Spa, one discovers a realm where body, mind, and spirit
converge in harmonious unity. The natural products, the serene atmosphere, and the devotion of the
therapists, craft an unparalleled experience, earning its place in the hearts of many and its triumph at
the Best of Florida Awards.

In celebration of Floating Lotus Spa and all the deserving winners, we recognize the symbiosis of
community and healing, the entrepreneurial spirit that brings dreams to fruition, and the unwavering
commitment to wellness that resonates across boundaries. Here’s to the continued journey of
healing, unity, and the devotion to your vitality and health!

Contact: 352-378-8125
Location: 2441 NW 43rd Street, 3A Gainesville, FL 32606