Thornebrook Chocolates

Thornebrook Chocolates – Gainesville’s Premiere Chocolatier

Thornebrook Chocolates is Gainesville’s Premiere Chocolatier. Serving gourmet chocolate, fine hand-dipped confections, and other treats for over 35 years, they are loved by residents of all ages.

In this series we are highlighting the exceptional local businesses of Thornebrook. We had the opportunity to sit down with Cathleen Blagay, shareholder owner of Thornebrook Chocolates, for a few questions:

1. What do you love most about your business?

What I love most about my business is being a part of people’s everyday lives as well as their special occasions. The relationships with other people and gift giving – it’s really exciting to be part of that experience. People tend to come in and what they’re doing to get that special gift for somebody and it’s really heartwarming to hear some of the stories that people share with us. It also can kind of tug at the heart strings being there at times of challenge but I love that our store is able to be there in times of celebration and in times of challenge when comfort is needed.

2. What is one thing that new shoppers should know you offer?

What I’d love to let new customers know is to let our chocolate consultants know if there’s something special that they’re looking for or a favorite. We have hundreds of different types of chocolates. We have wine. We have gifts and like mugs and baskets. We also have some hidden gems that are behind the showcase that we can’t bring forward. We have a lot to offer, so let us help you find your chocolate match made in heaven.

3. What is another shop in Thornebrook you would recommend to a friend and why?

I have recommended so many shops in Thornbrook to friends. We have hairdressers, jewelers, an alterations shop, flower shop, a gym, music shop, a wedding store. So many different opportunities to find something special. Treat yourself to a spa visit and get a facial, we even have a spa just for kids! I just couldn’t say enough good things about all the merchants here in Thornbrook.

4. Anything else you’d like to add?

At Thornebrook Chocolates we usually try to have a few new options like hot and spicy Chipotle almonds or cocoa bombs for the holidays. But I would say coming here for the classics like our cordial cherries and our chocolate covered Oreos is the best part. Come visit us and get your favorite chocolate, have some gelato, grab a bottle of wine, get something for you, get something for someone else. We’re here year round, and we hope to be here for another 35 years, maybe more.

More Information

Thornebrook Chocolates is located at Shoppes At Thornebrook 2441 NW 43rd Street Suite 21 Gainesville FL, 32606. Visit their Facebook page for more information including special hours.

Questions? Call (352) 371-0800 or email

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