Meet Your Shops: Malgorzata’s

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1. How long have you had your shop in Thornebrook and what is your favorite thing about being here?
I am in the 8th year of the residence in Thornebrook. I like the location, the idea of being a park/shopping/restaurants area

2. What is your favorite thing about being a small business owner?
I like the interactions with customers, most of them are returning one on one chatting and advice they get about the products I sell, and feedback on their purchases.

3. What makes your store/business so special and why should people come here instead of buying online?
It is very difficult to buy specialized clothes online, they may look great on the model but not on the person that actually tries it on, I experience this all the time. We are striving on finding unusual gifts, most made by individual artisans all over the country and some abroad. We do lots of research when we choose what to buy, we also try to have small quantities

4. What activities do you enjoy in your free time?
I have my own artwork that I like to do (painting on silk, weaving, etc)

5. What would be your ideal way to spend a Saturday in Gainesville?
Relax in my garden

6. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone thinking of opening a business like yours?
Think what is needed in the place that you want to have your business in, what uniqueness can you bring to customers in product or service, something that they can’t easily find here or in the vicinity.

7. What is your favorite new store item from the last 6 months?
I love new jewelry from Yedomi, an artist from Portland Oregon. Beautiful work.